Problems and Provocations:
Grand Arts 1995-2015

As its final endeavor, Grand Arts gamely interrogates its values, methods, outcomes and legacies in Problems and Provocations: Grand Arts 1995–2015 — an indispensable source book on creativity, collaboration and what it takes to realize a major work of contemporary art. 

This volume documents 30 key projects from Grand Arts’ previously unexcavated history, with newly composed annotations by artists and collaborators complementing an archival deep-dive of photographs, sketches, notes, internal documents and items of private correspondence. Essays consider the models, ethics and possible futures of art institutions, while a “devil’s dictionary” appendix, edited by Speed Levitch, parses art-making states of mind. Additionally, micro-texts drawn from a private colloquium held in June 2014 engage questions of agency, ritual, risk, and more.

Part retrospective, part how-to guide, Problems and Provocations actively leverages Grand Arts’ past to engage problems of theoretical and practical interest to cultural producers moving forward. Variously inquisitive, reflective, and challenging in tone, the book serves as essential reading for today’s artists, students, curators and all those interested in tales of unpredictable ventures in the world of contemporary art. 

Alice Aycock | Anthony Baab | Sanford Biggers | Cody Critcheloe/SSION | Patricia Cronin | Jamex and Einar de la Torre | Rosemarie Fiore | Ellie Ga | GALA Committee | Pablo Helguera | Alfredo Jaar | Isaac Julien | Stanya Kahn | Glenn Kaino |Annie Lapin | Jim Leedy | Michael Jones McKean | Ryan Mosley | Laurel Nakadate | Filip Noterdaeme | William Pope.L | The Propeller Group | Mariah Robertson | Nadine Robinson | Tim Rollins & K.O.S.  | Emily Roysdon | John Salvest | Spurse | Tavares Strachan | Sissel Tolaas

Pablo Helguera | Iain Kerr | Gean Moreno | RHEI | Emily Roysdon | Rob Walker 

Michael Worthington, Counterspace 


September 27, 2016